Icon Hella Gixxer Girl jacket

Icon Hella Gixxer Girl jacket
MSRP: $235.00
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P/N: PU-2822-0296
Weight: 5.00 lbs
Universal - Custom Applications
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Icon Women's Hella Gixxer Girl Jacket

Some people equate it to wearing your heart on your sleeve. Well in this case it isn't exactly a heart but it's definitely on your sleeve-Gixxer Girl. A script loyalty to the ultimate sportbike. Put it on, relish the sublime fit and quality materials. Revel in the overt Gixxer badging while resting easy in the knowledge of your hidden CE protection. Hella Gixxer Girl, when you have to spell it out for them.
  • Durable nylon textile chassis
  • Custom buckle adjustment system
  • Removable CE approved elbow/shoulder armor
  • Removable dual-density foam backpad
  • Removable insulated liner
  • Specifically fit for female riders
  • Imported
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